Colorfast Ploicy

We've gone Green and now we're going COLORFAST!

Weeks Dye Works is going Colorfast. We have recently implemented our new dyeing procedures so that our fibers will be colorfast based on industry standards.

As we dye our existing colors, from this point forward, they will all become colorfast.

This process will involve several steps:

  1. All new colors added to our collection will be colorfast and the back of the tag or label will state: "COLORFAST based on industry standards."

  2. Existing fiber colors in our current collections, as they become colorfast, will have a small red sticker on the back of the existing tag or label stating "colorfast." Once we deplete our inventory of existing fiber tags or labels that state: "Not Colorfast," we will reprint the tags or labels with the statement: "COLORFAST based on industry standards," which at that time will carry no red sticker. (see sample below)

  3. We are working diligently to complete this process as soon as possible. It will take some time to accomplish, but we anticipate less than a year to complete this transition. We have started the process on our "Top 50 Best Sellers" in floss and on all new colors.

Existing Tag

Existing Tag with Red Sticker
(Transitional Period)

New Tag